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6 Sep

Sorry for not posting about my latest adventures. I hardly get access to my human´s notebook. She´s busy with university stuff, whatever that is. Can´t be as important as my blog. However, inbetween all these important things she has to do she found the time to get me a new blanket for my bed. I know she´s just trying to cover up for all the time she cannot spend grooming my fur, cutting my carrots or cleaning my cage but still – it´s a blanket! We all know how much I love blankets!!! Especially blankets on top of blankets with a pile of blankets on top. Now I spend all my precious wellness time on that new blankie that is all fluffy and smells like daisies. And when it´s bedtime I allow Janita to cuddle me until I fall asleep. Life is good, isn´t it? Every bunny should have its own blanket with a loving human attached!!!



2 Jul

Cedric approves! Even though I have no outside cage I have more than enough space to hopp around and plenty of hideaways, toys and furniture adventure parks. I get fresh veggies every day and my cage has a fluffy hay carpet. I think I can call myself a happy bunny. I wish every bunny out there could say the same…


1 Jul

As the important bunny I happen to be I of course need the finest blogging service released. My human had to test it for me by setting up a personal blog first. As expected, with no sense of style and colors, she picked a very very very very very very very not so beautiful plain black and white theme for herself. The blog is named just janita – well, plain and simple.

Mine on the other hand is sooo shiny and even features little pictures of my plushie self in the menu. You like? Me loves! Now I will have so much more fun blogging the latest bunnymedia for you. Paws up!

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