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6 Sep

Sorry for not posting about my latest adventures. I hardly get access to my human´s notebook. She´s busy with university stuff, whatever that is. Can´t be as important as my blog. However, inbetween all these important things she has to do she found the time to get me a new blanket for my bed. I know she´s just trying to cover up for all the time she cannot spend grooming my fur, cutting my carrots or cleaning my cage but still – it´s a blanket! We all know how much I love blankets!!! Especially blankets on top of blankets with a pile of blankets on top. Now I spend all my precious wellness time on that new blankie that is all fluffy and smells like daisies. And when it´s bedtime I allow Janita to cuddle me until I fall asleep. Life is good, isn´t it? Every bunny should have its own blanket with a loving human attached!!!



8 Jul

I have finally found it, the best place to be! After 6 months of living here I have discovered the upper bedside which is much more comfy than that carpet (I am working on to get rid off…)! There are plenty of sheets and blankets on it, even the one I was missing lately. My private purple in- and export to the vet blanket. I have spent 6 hours on there today, Janita even brought me basil not to disturb my no-movement-modus. Maybe I will make this my bed. It´s large enough for more than three humans or fifty bunnies anyway. Maybe I will share it with her. But I will definitely never hopp off here again! I am the prince on the pea – give me more blankets!!!


2 Jul

I don´t have many friends. That´s okay, my human has plenty of them, especially on mondays. There s a bunny living upstairs but I don´t like him. He stinks! He sometimes visits when his human is in berlin visiting her parents and I am either ignoring or insulting him from afar. He doesn´t even sport a lionhead. However, one day when I was on my daily tour through my apartment and crossing the floor that leads back into my living room I have met my new friend. He was flying out of the bathroom, possibly because Janita was in there, and obviously looking for me because he hit me on the forehead.

His name is Gonzales, Janita told me that, and he is a silent buddy not speaking much. Actually never speaking at all. Maybe that´s the main reason why I liked him from the start. He follows me everywhere I hopp and never complains. Gonzales is not a bunny but of a similar color than I am. His color is called paper and his breed seems to be a roll with the special ability to fly. He´s a superhero! Me has one cool friend, huh?! He is sometimes mistaken and Janita´s mom even thought he could be trash. Well, humans…

Because he has no legs or paws to hopp around I have to carry him. We spend lots of time together hanging out, sleeping side by side or playing hide and seek. I am really thankful for having him. And I am even more thankful about he´s a silent guy who agrees to whatever plans I have and never shows off his supernatural flying skills in front me. Cause we all know bunnies can´t fly!


6 Apr

Took a cab this morning and had my surgery. Feeling dizzy and done but Janita promised to get me a swiss carrotcake tomorrow. I know she´s lying but it sounds great tho. Well, atleast the whole thing was pretty expensive. I am worth it!


20 Feb

My first bunnybed. Janita thinks it´s a pipibox. Well, humans! As if they are sleeping on their toilets or doing pipi on their beds. So why should bunnies do? This thing is way to comfy to be used differently. And I like the color. Finally something that fits. Did I mention my pink cage lately.

Oh the style thing…

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