2 Jul

I don´t have many friends. That´s okay, my human has plenty of them, especially on mondays. There s a bunny living upstairs but I don´t like him. He stinks! He sometimes visits when his human is in berlin visiting her parents and I am either ignoring or insulting him from afar. He doesn´t even sport a lionhead. However, one day when I was on my daily tour through my apartment and crossing the floor that leads back into my living room I have met my new friend. He was flying out of the bathroom, possibly because Janita was in there, and obviously looking for me because he hit me on the forehead.

His name is Gonzales, Janita told me that, and he is a silent buddy not speaking much. Actually never speaking at all. Maybe that´s the main reason why I liked him from the start. He follows me everywhere I hopp and never complains. Gonzales is not a bunny but of a similar color than I am. His color is called paper and his breed seems to be a roll with the special ability to fly. He´s a superhero! Me has one cool friend, huh?! He is sometimes mistaken and Janita´s mom even thought he could be trash. Well, humans…

Because he has no legs or paws to hopp around I have to carry him. We spend lots of time together hanging out, sleeping side by side or playing hide and seek. I am really thankful for having him. And I am even more thankful about he´s a silent guy who agrees to whatever plans I have and never shows off his supernatural flying skills in front me. Cause we all know bunnies can´t fly!



1 Jul

As the important bunny I happen to be I of course need the finest blogging service released. My human had to test it for me by setting up a personal blog first. As expected, with no sense of style and colors, she picked a very very very very very very very not so beautiful plain black and white theme for herself. The blog is named just janita – well, plain and simple.

Mine on the other hand is sooo shiny and even features little pictures of my plushie self in the menu. You like? Me loves! Now I will have so much more fun blogging the latest bunnymedia for you. Paws up!


26 Jun

Atleast I thought I would be as my human has to attend a wedding this weekend but no, she got me a bunnysitter!!! I’m pissed…


6 Apr

Took a cab this morning and had my surgery. Feeling dizzy and done but Janita promised to get me a swiss carrotcake tomorrow. I know she´s lying but it sounds great tho. Well, atleast the whole thing was pretty expensive. I am worth it!


11 Mar

Friends, bunnylife is one exciting adventure I can tell! This morning, out of all sudden, Janita moved my cage. Well, what the bunnyhell?! The sleeping room really isn´t as fun as the living one is, totally unsatisfying. Then she, out of all sudden again, began to tidy up my with love messed up apartment and whoops she was all gone and forgot to move my cage back to where it belongs to. And THEN, in the middle of the night, she came back with visitors I´ve never seen before. She told me the unexpected visitors are called Ghost of Tom Joad but instead of one ghost there where FIVE of them. As if I ever wanted to have ghosts in here. And they had luggage. Once again, what the bunnyhell was going on here? I felt disturbed. Especially when everyone was standing around my cage doing these unnecessary awwws and owwws humans always do when they come by. One of them even touched me! I actually liked it but I didn´t say a meep. But, and here comes the very exciting part, these guys are famous! Yes yes, I learned that from youtube. They played at the club Janita is working at. Musicians with real guitars and cds and music videos and stuff. And now they are sleeping over here at MY PLACE because everyone who comes around wants to see ME. Even musicians! So, who´s the famous one here, duh!?

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