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4 Jul

When I moved in here the very first thing I complained about was the carpet. I hate the carpet. That color is so 1970. I told my human to get me a new one like a million times. But obviously she didn´t get it, that carpet is still there and I am sick of hopping on it. So, as the independent bunny I am, I will get rid off the reddish problem myself. Starting today!

Humans do widely open their mouth and scream when they are happy. I learned that from the TV. My human was so touched! She even cried when she saw what I have done to make this apartment a better place for us to feel comfy and cozy. You should have seen her face – priceless! Paws up…



26 Jun

Atleast I thought I would be as my human has to attend a wedding this weekend but no, she got me a bunnysitter!!! I’m pissed…


20 Feb

My first bunnybed. Janita thinks it´s a pipibox. Well, humans! As if they are sleeping on their toilets or doing pipi on their beds. So why should bunnies do? This thing is way to comfy to be used differently. And I like the color. Finally something that fits. Did I mention my pink cage lately.

Oh the style thing…

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