18 Feb

In this cute town I was born we have a little petstore which is located in the middle of a coffeeshop avenue. Nice place! We petshop bunnies could sit behind a window and gossip the people passing by. Honestly, some humans don´t have a sense for style at all! First we were a bunch of seven but every now and then strangers came in and one after another of my buddies disappeared with them. Two weeks later everyone but an annoying guinea pig was gone. And we all know guinea pigs are the worst when it comes to communication. Not to mention the manners. I was even bitten badly when I tried to protect my carrots!

Anyways, it was raining since days and nothing really happend. Sometimes a skinny girl was flirting with me. She called me cool! I liked her much more than all these other people who stepped in and out again by talking nonsense about my age and color. Even the storekeeper madmouthed me on the phone when someone called me. He didn´t even let me talk to her. I mean, this call was obviously mine!

The next morning, a rainy friday, two girls came by. A strange couple indeed. One depressed looking and one all smiley and excited. Not only were they starring at me for hours while I tried to nap which is like impossible when you are monitored like this, they even came inside and talked about me to the storekeeper. The girl with the green coat squeezed all toys at once. The guinea pig fainted. Sad girl came closer and destroyed all my napping plans by touching me. What a bad friday morning! The storekeeper once again talked about me as a leftover because the other bunnies had their ears haning down and looked more babylike. And while everyone before were always agreeing on this she and noisy girl, out of all sudden, called me cute. And plushie. And pirate colored. And cool. And other things I never heard about. Like racoon and dustbunny. Sad girl even smiled! Then I saw this damn stylo carrying cage which was stuffed with purple blankets, hay and carrots. No guinea pig inside! I had to have it.

Then everything happened pretty quickly. I put my paws on her hand, made eye contact and hypnotized her. The storekeeper finally did a good job and gave me that pretty cage. Maybe there would be more comfy and good smelling things like this where the transport cage came from. I waved guinea guy goodbye. May all his wishes never come true. Someone closed the cage and I fell asleep at once by being carried around hearing the sound of pouring rain. Maybe this friday wasn´t as bad as I thought.

A scary bell woke me up and my cage was opened. I found myself inside a smelly copyshop surrounded by awwwing and owwwwing people. There was noisy girl again who´s name could be Eyleen but I wasn´t sure yet. And there was the girl I hypnotized to get the blanket. And there was someone else touching my back. I tried to catch a glimpse and turned my head around. There she was again! Skinny girl who called me cool weeks ago when no one else did. And she seemed to be friends with the others. Her nails where polished purple and totally matching my fur. And my blanket. And my new human who was sporting a lovely purple coat. The only one not matching the crew was Eyleen. Well, nobody´s perfect! I learned that skinny girl´s name is Katrin and my human is called Janita. I decided not to mention my name until I have seen my new place and the fridge.

Janita closed my cage again and I waved Katrin goodbye. When we were on our way again I realized that I forgot to ask for her number. I made a wish to see her again someday. I made a wild guess Eyleen must have left because I heard nothing but rain and the sound of cars. A little while later I heard keys, a door and footsteps on stairs. The next time my new box was opened I was in a state of sensory overload. Colorful things everywhere. So much to discover. And while I tried to bite myself just to make sure I am not napping Janita took me off the box and on a sightseeing tour through my new apartment. Not bad, really not bad at all. I made a note to myself we have to talk about the carpet color once we know each other a little longer. We were sitting at the sofa for hours and ate carrots together. She kept guessing my name and was all wrong but not giving up. Humans are so easily tinkered with something. She came up with all kind of japanese names. Epic fail!

Later that night she had to work at a bar and I finally moved into the deluxe sized bunnycage I noticed earlier. Janita left for a few hours and I enjoyed a huge bowl of different salads and fuji apples. I placed my lovely self at a pink pillow and fell asleep right away. What an amazing friday!


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