18 Feb

I survived the first week at my new place. To be true I really enjoyed it even though I was sleeping a lot. I get veggies and fresh hay twice every day and recovering from sensory overload takes much napping time. I fell asleep while eating, while discussing the carpet color and even while being asleep already. Life is good! I learned that my human is kinda experienced with being adopted by bunnies. I found pictures of other bunnies that were living here before I moved in. Maybe that´s the reason why Janita looked so sad when we first met. I made a note to myself to always cheer her up!

The following days we had plenty of visitors who destroyed my silence and opened my cage without even asking. Janita has to buy me a hideaway. I will need one especially on mondays when the kitchen is all crowded with people who cook my carrots and drink Janita´s red wine. I hate mondays!

I met our upstairs neighbor Caro who also is an adoptee. She told me she hopes I will make friends with her bunny Klopfer. We will see! If he is a relaxed guy with good manners I will give it a try. I also met Nadine who lives nearby and will be some kind of a doctor soon. I wonder if she´ll be a vet. Maybe I´ll get my own private doctor!? I feel so special. That monday I also met Eyleen again. She didn´t dare to touch me, she thought I´d bite. Muhaha, I would have! And when everyone was already cooking and talking about human things I finally met her again. The lovely Katrin! She was wrapped in a plushie hoodie colored the same way my fur is. And she touched me again. Awww, I´d never bite her. Maybe she will come around again next monday!? I love mondays!

Janita and I played “guess the name” for three days and I began to feel sorry for her. She had no clue at all. So I told her my name is Cedric and before I could add a Sir she has added a Prince. Humans…


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